24 December 2006

I Sing the Body Mediocre

Is it ok to not want world peace?
To recognize that the compromise required would
Cheapen ideals?
Is it all right to want to hold on to
What makes me Black
And her White
Even while we fight
And not want the gray water
After the brushes are washed?

Maybe it's wrong to mulch and guard
The roots of my belief
And care about the origins of my thoughts.
Maybe I can't cram an African foot
Into a Made in America shoe.
Maybe I should be
Colorless, odorless, tasteless
Carbon monoxide
Slowly, silently killing character in the garage.

Or maybe, John,
I don't want to Imagine a world of harmony.
Maybe I want to be free
To hate
If hating defines my love.

Mental Health

If we believe in worldview psychology to its fullest extent, then we have to believe that true mental health comes only with a perfectly rational worldview. Since we are Christians, we must believe that the only rational worldview is the one supplied to us as believers. That means that the only people who can come close to mental health are Christians. Muslims, Jews (of the Jewish faith), agnostics cannot have true mental health, no matter how sane they may try to appear.

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