03 January 2007

To Ayden

Welcome, angel.
The Divine Screenwriter has given me a small part—
An extra—a reoccurring guest star at best.
We will on occasion appear in the same scene.
And I will outwardly note your increases in stature,
And you will inwardly note my increases in girth,
And you will call me when you’re doing a report on
Something I know about—penguins or poetry.

I could write to you of your potential,
But people will drive that into you enough.
You are more than potential.
I could write to you of those who have gone on before you,
But I don’t want to turn back.
I will not build dark shrines to the dead
While lovely little lights illuminate my dancing.

The Evolution of Parenting

if you dishonor us, we will stone you

if you dishonor us, we will disown you

if you disobey us, we will spank you

if you get punished at school, we will punish you at home

we want a better life for our children

we need to protect their self esteem

our children are our life

that’s not plagiarism (even if its cut and pasted)

we have to defend our children

these teachers are paid by us

bail bondsmen, do you take visa

kids will be kids

take a condom before you go out

kids are going to drink

what can we do

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