22 January 2007

Both Saint and Sinner

The horse loved man, but
He bucked at my approach,
And I watched in horror
As the stallion rose and fell,
Rose and fell again,
And his cry was louder than I would have expected,
And I saw his teeth as he sputtered an echo of creation.

“I thought he was tame,” I said to my uncle
Who, with hand on my shoulder, kneeled to my ear,
“The sinner may be broken,
But the nature lies and waits.”

There is no beauty in my wildness.
Within my savage gaze there is no light.

You Couldn't Understand

There is pain inside the chest
Below the heart
To the left
And shaking
As if everything is melting
Until the swell of tears
The hollow rasping sound
After all has poured upon the barren parched ground

And then there is nothing
But the numbness that falls softly
A blanket to soothe
But never quite warm.

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