15 May 2008

Basic Rules of Christian Creativity

1. God uses emotional extremes to create art.
2. Prayer increases creativity in that it feeds the Spirit.
3. Art is a reflection of the Creator.
4. Art may not always be attractive, but it is always aesthetic.
4. Art made by Christians should edify the Body of Christ.
5. Because of the lack of cultural and artistic awareness in our present society, art will often threaten, anger, or confuse members of the Body of Christ.
6. The Christian artist should be patient in communicating art to the Body of Christ.

Memories of Death

And then death came to the door
and stood outside
looking in
and laughed from a distance.
The host looked him in the face
and wanted him to enter
wanted him to stop
wanted the carriage to race
to the cornice but a mound.

But there was more in the house to be done.
There was a closing of the door
and the would be guest
drove on
and the period became a comma...
or maybe an ellipsis.

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