16 November 2006

Presuppositional Counseling

Most modern cognitive psychologists recognize that Christ's words of "as a man thinks so he is," are true: man's feelings do fundamentally stem from his cognitions. What we fail to recognize often, however, is that cognitions stem from our world views...our presuppositions. Do we all ways think in line with our worldviews? Of course not. There are fundamental things we know that we do not always consciously think. That doesn't mean we don't have the world view; sometimes we just don't believe it.

For example, I may have a world view that presupposes that there is an omnipotent God who will provide for my needs. I believe this. I trust in this. It is in my foundation. But when I am pressed with fear, the thought may come in my mind, "I have to solve this problem myself." This cognition leads to the affective reaction of fear. The problem often is not that we have the wrong world view, but that our cognitions don't fall in line with it.

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