17 December 2007


I need you, my Christ,
Not for the stillness you breath into me,
Great Lion of Judah
Who infuses senseless sand with Meaning.
I need you because

The schoolmaster has met with me,
Has held me after school,
Has tutored me,
And has shown me that I am failing.

I bow at your feet, King of All,
Not for the beauty of You
Who walked across Jerusalem and my soul.
I need you because

I am feasting
On transgression that I would love to call original,
But, truth be told, that is owned
And savored,
The rotting morsels of last week's banquet,
Torn gristle and meat.

More primitive than any manger blessed by your sacred head,
Is the home I offer you now within me.

I need you, Christ of All,
Because I want
Because I
Because no matter
How hard I try
The poem always begins with I.

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Vincent said...

Three comments of commendation here: the first is about the school master who has kept you after class and letting you know that you are failing… wonderful way to describe the Law/Conscience nagging how far we are from reaching the mark, wanting to sentence us to death if it were possible. Second, comparing your heart as being more primitive to the manger is a stroke of genius. Third, the undeniable me, myself and I syndrome we suffer as human beings – just prod, push or pinch me a little and my “I” s begin to pop out all over the place.

P.S. The only thing I don’t like about this blogger.com system is that if you want to reply to my comment, you have to do it through another channel. Not knowing this, I at first would reply to your comment, but then there’s no notification given to you … so my comment to your comment gets lost. Do you know what I mean?

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