24 August 2008


originally published in Clockwise Cat

It is the stuff we buy.
It is the need that is not quite a need.
It is the hollowness filled with chocolate.
It is the landfill on which I build my playground.

The plastic bag reads,
"Caution: Keep away from small children.
The thin film may cling to the nose and mouth and prevent breathing.
Atencion: Mantener alejado de los ninos pequenos.
Se puede adherir a la nariz y boca e impedir la respiracion. "
But the Spanish version adds,
"Esta bolsa no es juguete,"
a fact not given to English speakers.

No es juguete.
No es un chiste.
Se puede adherir e
impedir la respiracion
even for adults.


Kurt Miller said...

tHello Peeps! I am so glad I found your blog. Well I love your poems of course and just thought I would comment. I hope you are enjoying Dominion, and look forward to seeing you.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like how the two languages play with each other and blur into each other. Also I like how you address this important issue - 'the hollowness filled with chocolate' is a great line.

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