20 November 2008


"If God is listening..."
she murdered the cigarette in the ashtray...
"then perhaps he'd like to explain..."
lipstick mark on the tip...
"...why something so good came to such a screeching halt."

And I didn't know what to say.

A tree strong enough to sit in is strong enough
to shake.
But I wish I could be stirred instead.

"Perhaps, he'd like to step forward and be held accountable..."

and I wanted--
with empathy for her
and malice toward none--
ok, malice toward her--
to defend Him,
my nonAmerican
sexless God
of many colors

and He laughed

as I played with my straw paper.

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kurt said...

wow, thats awesome. your poems never cease to amaze me... i guess. i'm looking forward to reading more.

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