08 April 2010

A Flarf Poem

Cancer Collage

View the Cancer Collage, Breast Cancer Survivor,
innovative art programs for people living with cancer
dedicated to improving the care of
the surgical patient.
Contribute to a our multimedia community of people living free of charge
with cancer,
inspiring words of Courageous, determined, perseverance, hope, faith, ...
A massive Flash
Beautifully double-matted photo frame displays
six of your favorite breast cancer photos.
Find the perfect breast featured, female, feminine, girly, healing, pink.
A renowned physician
believes women's milk.
Merry Christmas, Childhood

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Jingle said...


I host Thursday Poets Rally,
Rally week 25 will be on July 21, 2010,
please read the post via the link carefully and make a decision, if you signed in, then come to Rally week 25 by commenting under my post...
let me know what you think.
love your creative mind here,
u rock!

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